Spring vacations

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  • Matthieu flying to France on March 11th
  • Kristy flying to France on March 18th
  • Weekend with Leslie in Brussels – March 19th-20th
  • Travel to Naples and Rome – March 27th – Arpil 2nd
  • Back to Boston – April 3rd


Paris-Brussels (Thalys ~100-200€ / 2 pers)

Italy details


  • March 27th – Flying to Naples, afternoon in Naples
  • March 28th – Naples
  • March 29th – Naples
  • March 30th – Day in Naples and get to Rome in the evening
  • March 31st – Rome
  • April 1st – Rome
  • April 2nd – Day in Rome, flying back to Paris in the evening


Naples (3 nights):
Hotel Désirée (Sorrento) ~60€/night Booked
Hotel Elios (Sorrento)

Rome (3 nights):
Smeraldo Hotel ~150€/night Booked
Hotel Navona ~100€/night?
Trasteverina B&B 80-120€/night
Due Torri Hotel ~160€/night
Hotel In Perione
Pomezia Hotel 80-150€/night
Arenula Hotel 133€/night


Naples to Rome (March 30th afternoon):
Fast train (~1h10) -> $130 for 2 pers
Regular train (~2h) -> $60 for 2 pers



Quick update and photos posted

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I just posted a bunch of new pictures from the last few months. Check them out :)

I have a page with some public photos and another page with a lot more photos on the private part of my site here (password required, shoot me an email if you need a password)



Recompiling PHP5 to get imagerotate() and other functions on Debian

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I mostly followed directions from this page with different directory names and I was able to get PHP5 to use the bundled GD library on Debian (lenny).

cd /usr/src/
apt-get source php5
apt-get build-dep php5
cd php5-5.2.6.dfsg.1/
nano debian/rules
(replace '--with-gd=shared,/usr --enable-gd-native-ttf \' with '--with-gd=shared --enable-gd-native-ttf \')
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
cd ..
dpkg -i *.deb
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart



Setup HP Photosmart 7760 as network printer

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I have setup my HP Photosmart 7760 as a network printer attached to my Synology 207+ NAS.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to add a network printer in Windows XP, my problem was that there was no drivers for my printer in the list from the setup wizard even though I had installed them on the computer. Instead I had to manually found them using the “Have Disk…” option, but there were not obvious to find. There were at:
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\{5372B9A6-6E51-4f90-9B40-E0A3B8475C4E}\enu\drivers\win2k_xp\hphp2k12.inf



Argentina trip planning

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From February 12 to 28

Tentative Schedule (revised)

Alternative (only paved road so no need for 4×4)

  • Feb 17: Bariloche -> Comodoro Rivadavia
  • Feb 18: Comodoro Rivadavia -> Puerto San Julian + stop at Bosque Petrificado NP
  • Feb 19: Puerto San Julian -> El Chalten

Providence – Buenos Aires flight ~$1400
Buenos Aires – San Martin de los Andes Bariloche ~$220 one way
El Calafate – Ushuaia ~$190 one way
Ushuaia – Buenos Aires ~$160 one way
4×4 rental from San Martin 13/02 to El Calafate 24/02 ~$2900
Rent car for 4 days in Bariloche ~$180
Bus Bariloche – El Chalten $200/pers
Bus El Chalten – El Calafate $?/pers
Rent car for 3-4 days in El Chalten and/or 2 days in El Calafate ~$180

Planned trip



Vacations in Vermont

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Just after Christmas we went for a few days in northern Vermont hoping to get some good skiing and snowshoeing. Well bad luck we got rain + warm weather that melted all the snow that fell a few days earlier. Pretty pissed about that but at least we stayed in a nice B&B and we spent our time in the area’s restaurant stuffing ourselves. The flat bread pizza was especially good :)

Photo: Skiing at Sugarbush Photo: Skiing at Sugarbush Photo: Beaver Pond Farm bed and breakfast Photo: Beaver Pond Farm bed and breakfast



Weekend in New York city

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During Thanksgiving we went a spent a couple days in New York city. I wish we could have caught a nice concert, but nothing I was interested in was playing when we went. We got to do some nice tourist stuff like a cruise around Manhattan during which Kristy managed to take a little nap :)

Photo: Cruise around Manhattan Island Photo: Cruise around Manhattan Island Photo: Cruise around Manhattan Island Photo: Cruise around Manhattan Island Photo: Cruise around Manhattan Island

We also visited the Museum of Modern Arts (nice but super crowded) and the Intrepid Museum. The latest was pretty cool, it’s a military museum setup on a world war II aircraft carrier. I’m not really into the military stuff but it was pretty cool to actually walk around that ship.

Photo: Cruise around Manhattan Island Photo: The Intrepid Museum Photo: The Intrepid Museum Photo: The Intrepid Museum Photo: Time square and New York by night from our hotel room



Good music for my commute

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We just moved to Providence, RI and I started commuting this week. 1h15 one way to Watertown, MA if there is no traffic or accident… that leaves me a long time to reflect on the meaning of life :) .

In order to make this commute bearable I definitely need some good tunes… and unfortunately I don’t find any of those on Boston area radio stations (except perhaps WERS which has some good stuff). I can listen to my iPod… but it can get repetitive as I am not buying as much music as before, and I start to know my collection.

Radio Nova logo So I was thinking of a way to be able to listen to my favorite radio station: Radio Nova. The problem is that it is a French radio and my antenna is not powerful enough to get the signal ;) .

The solution was to record the radio from the web broadcast, make it available as a podcast and sync my iPod in the morning before leaving for work. Et voila, a few hours of music, news and French speaking people… everything that will help get over my morning grumpiness!

And with the time difference between France and the US it even feels like live radio, I get the morning news almost at the time it was broadcast :P

On a technical level this is how it works:
I setup cron jobs on my web server to record Radio Nova stream from the web, using streamripper. Then I inject some meta data in the recorded file with id3v2. And finally the file gets published as a podcast thanks to DirCaster. In the morning I sync up my iPod with the podcasts that were recorded earlier in the night and I’m good to go.

I’m not really sure how legal it would be to make these recordings public, so I won’t do it, but if you’re interested leave me a comment and I’m sure we can work it out.



Website re-design

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I have been working for a while on updating the style of my website… so here it is!!! I still have a few things to work on but it looks nice enough to switch.



MapSend WorldWide BaseMap Patch v1.30

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I’ve just reinstalled my computer recently and I was trying to make my Magellan MapSend Worldwide software work with my eXplorist 400… without any luck, until I realized I had it patched before. The problem is that Magellan’s website doesn’t have the patch available anymore :(

Luckily I found it on this site

I decided to make it available as well in case it becomes unavailable at www.nextdestination.com.au.

Here is the decription of this patch:

MapSend WorldWide BaseMap Patch 1.30. This patch adds the ablility to make WorldWide BaseMap regions for eXplorist 210, 400, 500, 600 and XL GPS receivers and it fixes issues with XP Service Pack 2 for any owner of WWBM versions prior to v1.10.

Click to download MapSend WorldWide BaseMap Patch v1.30



February vacation planning

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Here is a tentative schedule of my two weeks in France in February/March:

  • Feb 21st: Leaving Boston (20:35 takeoff)
  • Feb 22nd: Arriving in Paris (12:10 landing), nap and travel to Bordeaux (train?) to meet Pascal
  • Feb 23rd: Day in Bordeaux (Football game?)
  • Feb 24th: Driving to Pau and spent the afternoon with Max?
  • Feb 25th: Driving to Girona, find a cheap hotel near the airport
  • Feb 26th: Flying to Fuerteventura
  • Feb 27th: Surf, beer and tapas
  • Feb 28th: Surf, beer and tapas
  • Feb 29th: Surf, beer and tapas
  • Mar 1st: Flying back to Girona, and driving back to Bordeaux (or Pau?)
  • Mar 2nd: Traveling back to Paris
  • Week of Mar 3rd to 7th: Working from mum’s place
  • Mar 8th: Flying back (15:50 takeoff) to Boston (17:50 landing)

Budget plan:

  • Flight BOS-CDG: $452
  • Train Paris-Bdx: 104 € / Flight 110 €
  • Gaz+Parking: 100 €
  • Flight Girona-Fuerteventura: 86 €
  • Hotel (+food?) Fuerteventura: 150 €
  • Food: 100 €
  • Fun: 100 €



My blog has been hacked…

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I just realized my blog has been hacked for at least a week :( I think the spammer used some php injection to modify some files on my file system. Some of my permissions were a bit ‘loose’.

I’ve find some useful information on how to clean that mess on Kakkoi: How to Removed WordPress.net.in Spam Injection.

Stoopid spammers!!!



Baja California vacations

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We flew from Boston to San Diego to meet Pascal on the Friday night. Then, Saturday morning, we took the train to San Ysidro, crossed the border by feet, took a cab to Tijuana’s airport and grabbed a rental car. That was relatively painless and only 1h30 after leaving San Diego we were driving on the road of Baja California.

Photo: Driving from Tijuana to Tecate Photo: Mexican flag floating above Ensenada Photo: La Bufadora near Ensenada Photo: La Bufadora near Ensenada

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Weekend in San Francisco & Daft Punk in Berkeley

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I went to visit Sofra in Mountain View last weekend. We had a blast. Saturday while Sofra was at work I walked around San Francisco’s harbor and took an hour boat tour going under the Golden Gate bridge and around Alcatraz island. It was nice except for the f#@*cking seagull that dropped a guano on my shoulder :x .

Photo: Boat tour in the San Francisco bay - Golden Gate bridge in the fog Photo: Walking around San Francisco's harbor Photo: Boat tour in the San Francisco bay - Alcatraz island Photo: Walking around San Francisco's harbor

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I don’t like you

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Fry and Gunter from TV show Futurama

Just started watching Futurama over again for the 12.308th time and I still love it. This is the best show ever. I’m just cracking up at Fry answering Gunter (the monkey): “I don’t like you” in season 2 episode 2.